First Signs of Spring


Around here, the California Buckeye trees are the first to lose their leaves in the fall and the first to show buds in the spring. Just after the Buckeye’s bud, the wild Plums bloom and later spread their pedals about like confetti. These are the fist signs of spring at the campground and it means that I need to start thinking about cleaning up the mess that the winter storms left for me. 

I’m sure you are all wondering when Schoolhouse will open for camping, and the answer is late spring. That means likely sometime in the later part of May assuming that the weather is cooperative. I may decide to open for weekend camping a bit earlier than that and if I do, I’ll post it here on the blog. We can’t open too early as the ground is still soft and needs to dry out a bit before we can let cars drive into the sites. Rest assured that it will be worth your wait. I have lots of improvements in the works for this summer and the camp will be better than ever.

Buckeye Bud

Site 30 Winter Creek

California Buckeye Tree

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