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Secluded Campsites

A few sites have electricity and all have water in either in the site or nearby. A winter creek with waterfall split site #30 in half, which is known as the “Honeymoon Suite”. Two couples were married in the site during the 1970s. Number 30 is a premium site in the adult section and is the most beautiful and remote. #7C, is big and goes to larger families while the other 7s and C have electric hookups. #14 has a large redwood stump with a happy face. It’s almost always booked. #3, Chris’s favorite, is tiny, private and near the bath house. It’s perfect for a small family with young kids. Campsite #15, a premium site, is stunning and private.

It is tucked in a corner among several Redwoods and has a good stump for kids to climb. 

Site 24 campfire and Westfalia looking out twards camp office

Site 24 Campfire

Beans cooking over an open campfire, site 7, Schoolhouse Canyon Park

The campsites at Schoolhouse Canyon Campground are without a doubt, the most beautiful on the Russian River. The campground is a forest in a steep canyon with river front on the Russian River, Our lower sites are nestled into a Redwood grove, while the canopy of the upper sites in the adult section are among a mixture of Bay, Oak and Madrone. There is shade cover and protection from the sun throughout the canyon. 

Fire Pit & Grill, Site 7

Marmot tent in site 25, with morning sun

 Site 25 in Morning Sun

Top of the inner tube run 

Top of the tube run on the Russian River at Schoolhouse Canyon Campground

There is even a site in the adult section which has a secret spot to hide your tent up the hill looking out over the the other campers in privacy. While we are primarily a tent campground, a few of the sites work well for small RVs or trailer. Please come for a visit. Make memories with your family and loved ones that will last a lifetime. Choose your own favorite Schoolhouse Canyon campsite!

Vintage Westfailias drenched in godrays from morning sunlight in site E
Uncle John makes Schoolhouse Canyon's first picnic tables.

 John Makes our First Picnic Tables

God rays in site E, morning light

Schoolhosue Canyon Campground campsite map

Campsite Map

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