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Rules and Policies

We are pleased to have you as our quests. For your comfort and safety, please observe the following rules:

Our rules strive to achieve tranquility and enjoyment for all the campground guests as well as to preserve the natural state of our Redwood forest. Schoolhouse is a very small, very beautiful campground located in a private canyon. The canyon walls can echo and because of this, Schoolhouse is a very noise sensitive campground. It is not a good place for loud people as noise generated in the camp affects all campers. It is not a good place for large groups. We keep group sizes small in an effort to maintain a calm and peaceful stay. We do everything we can to give the best possible experience to all our guests. Please respect the following rules to ensure a great experience for you and your fellow campers.

Personal Conduct. Please be considerate of others. Remain calm and quiet at all times. Always observe evening quiet hours. No drunken or disorderly conduct will be tolerated. This is a family campground. If you are looking to party, this is not the place. Please consider the language you use as there are likely children nearby.

Alcohol. While we allow alcohol at Schoolhouse, we do not allow heavy drinking. Please think about this before choosing to camp with us. Always be considerate of your fellow campers and use alcohol in moderation. If you feel the need to drink heavily while on a camping trip, Schoolhouse is not the campground for you. You may not be drunk at anytime while camping at Schoolhouse. Violation of this rule will hasten your departure.

No Radios. We prefer you do not play radios in the canyon. 

Sound travels far in the camp and your neighbors do not want to listen to your music. You may play radios during the day at the beach if you like. If you choose to create your own music softly with a guitar or other acoustic instrument around the campfire, please feel free to do so up until 9:30 PM.

Looking down river from the beach at Schoolhouse campground
Vintage picture from 1926 of kids on a Russian River beach near Schoolhouse Canyon

Check-in / Check-out Time. You may check into your campsite between the hours of 1 PM and 9 PM on Friday & Saturday. Sunday through Thursday, check in between 1 PM and 8 PM. In consideration of families that have children already sleeping, we do not allow check-ins after 9 PM. Please vacate your campsite on the day of your departure by 11 AM. Our next guests will be arriving shortly. You may purchase another night / late check-out subject to availability

Dogs. We love dogs at Schoolhouse Canyon Campground. Due to past experience, we are unable to accommodate Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Mastiffs, American Bull Dogs or dogs that show aggression towards other dogs or people. Dogs must not ever be left unattended. Keep your dog with you and on a leash at all times. Contain your dog in your tent or car at night. Clean up each and every time after your pet. 

No Wood Gathering. Please do not pickup, cut or clear branches, trees or shrubs. We sell inexpensive firewood at the office.

Speed Limit. Please drive slowly and carefully within the park. Recommended speed is 5 mph.

Campfires. Build your campfire in a prepared pit only. No beach fires. Use common sense. Keep your fire small and contained. Burning of lumber or cardboard is prohibited, seasoned firewood only.

Keep Off Canyon Slopes, out of Redwood groves, and do not play on stumps. Human erosion affects forest growth and beauty. 

Firearms. No weapons of any kind are permitted in the campground. This includes BB guns and Airsoft guns.

Trash. Help us keep the campground clean. Place all trash in garbage containers and leave our next guests a clean campsite and beach.

Split window Westfailia camping in site #4, Schoolhouse Canyon Park

Dos and Don’ts:

All of the below is common sense -

however we occasionally run into people that need to be reminded to use theirs.

Do leave the campground just as you found it. 

We put a lot of effort into maintaining this campground and preserving it’s natural beauty. Please do not alter your campsite in any way. If you move the table, put it back before departing. Leave your campsite just as you found it.

Don’t allow your children or dogs to dig holes.

Do say “Hi” and introduce yourself to your neighbors. It will make your camping experience better if you make a friend. 

Don’t rake your site. Raking scars the natural forest floor and it’s beauty. Your tent will work just fine on top of the leaf liter of the forest floor and it’s much cleaner than the dirt you would expose by raking.

Don’t litter. Pick up anything you discard. Sunflower & pistachio shells, cigarette butts, bottle caps, fruit & onion skins are all trash. Do not discard on the ground or in the fire pit.

Don’t bring any toy that would leave bits of garbage in the camp. Water balloons, Airsoft toys, Snappers and all other Fireworks are prohibited. Never, ever bring confetti to Schoolhouse.

Don’t leave your car running for extended periods. Nobody wants to hear or smell it. If you need to charge your cell phone, you may do so in the bathrooms or in the office.

Do stay off the steep slopes that surround the camp. The slopes are very soft and climbing the canyon walls causes immediate erosion.

Do not cut limbs or branches. If you need a marshmallow stick, come to the office and we will help you.

Do pick up up your site upon departure. Please strive to leave your site just as you found it.

Thank you and have a great time!

Violators of the rules of this campground may be evicted without refund.

Harvest in Ridenhour's old orchard

Harvest at Ridenhour’s Orchard

This property is privately owned. Management reserves the right to refuse entry. 

Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to property or injury to any person or camping party arising out of the use of its facilities. 

Campers and all users of this property are liable for all property damages caused by themselves or their party. 

Check out time: 11:00 AM - Please be prompt as new guests will be arriving for your site after your departure. A late checkout after 11 AM will be charged for another night stay. 

Visiting guest - limit 15 minutes. Visiting guests wishing to stay longer than 15 minutes must pay a small use fee. All guests must stop and register at the office upon entering the campground. All visiting guests must vacate the property no later than 9:30 PM.

Quiet Hours: 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM Please be considerate of your neighbors and lower your voices during evening hours. Please try to keep children quiet in the early morning.

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