Day Trip: Bohemian Hwy to Wild Flour Bakery


From here you can head back to the camp one of two ways. East will take you through Sebastopol and out 116 back to the river. West will take you out through the little town of Bodega before hitting Hwy 1. Here, head north through Bodega Bay and on up to the river just below Jenner and back home on 116.

How about  scenic drive along Dutch Bill Creek, through a couple of small towns, ending up at a bakery that makes a sticky bun to die for? Begin your drive by leaving the campground to the right and drive River Road to the west through Guerneville and out to Monte Rio, which is about 7 miles. At Monte Rio, head left over the old train trestle bridge that crosses the river and out Bohemian HWY.

Continue along Dutch Bill Creek through the hamlet of Camp Meeker and into the eclectic, vintage little town of Occidental. This is a great place to get out 

and stretch your legs, have a coffee at one of the shops or maybe a pint and a bite at the little pub which is family friendly. If you do have kids with you, be sure to stop by the toy store which is a really good one. There is also a nice shop that sells pottery and other small pieces from local artisans. The two Italian restaurants which seem to duel each other from opposite sides of the main drag are legendary. Negri’s on one side and the Union Hotel on the other. They have each been in business forever and have huge following for their family style Italian dinners. Lots of fun but be sure to go when you are hungry as they serve big plates. Continue on Bohemian out of Occidental to the little town of Freestone. Here you will find something truly special. 

Wild Flour Bread is a destination in itself. They create 10 to 12 varieties of bread daily; each is world class and baked in a wood fired brick oven. Go for the sticky bun and have it cut into small pieces to share - they are huge. The buns are like none you’ve had before - sweet but not too sweet, gooey yet crisp in parts and strangely seeming somehow healthy. The coffee is good and strong and perfect to wash it all down.


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